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Membership Confirmations

During last two days I received the conformations and membership numbers/certificates from the European Ros Club (#3634), the Natal Digital Group (#3644) and 30 Meter Digital Group (#9864). Thanks to all mamagers for reviewing my applications so quickly.

Digital Activity

Last days I finally found some time to sort out some of my achievements. I am a great fun of digital modes. It started many years ago after a friend of mine, Marek SQ5BPM, built the first RTTY interface for our club station. Since that time I am operating on RTTY. I also started PSK31 as soon as it first time appeared. I have almost 14k QSO on digital modes in my log.

CQ WW DX Contest CW. 2018

This year we are preapring to the next Multi-Single operation at the contest station SO4M. I am proud to be a member of the Team (together with SP4MPG, SP4JCP, SQ4NR, SP5OXJ, SQ6MS and F5SDD). There is only one week to the contest.

Thanks to my Wife and Doughter who let me develop my HAM contest passion.

QSL Cards Received

Today I found two QSL cards (directs) in my mailbox. The first one is TJ2TT (40m/CW QSO). It was confirmed on LoTW also. It was new band for me. The second one is KL7RRC/P (20m/FT8 QSO). I had many QSO to Alaska but it is the NA-234 activity. I am not an IOTA collector but working a remote island is always a great fun.

For both mentioned QSLs I used OQRS system at the ClubLog service. It took 10 days from making the requests to receiving QSLs. Nice time. Great work of QSL Managers. 


CQ WW DX CW Contest 2017

As usual last years I will be particiating CQ WW DX CW Contest from the wondrful contest station SO4M. The station is built and maintained by Mirek SP4MPG. Last years I had many successful entries in single-band categories.

Last months Mirek SP4MPG made many improvements. The development of the station still is going on (in fact it must be going on all the time).The plan is to make the station ready for All Band operation, possibly in the ingle Operator 2 Radio (SO2R) mode. 

Delayed answers to received direct QSL cards...

I would like to inform all fellow HAMs that all directs I received during last few months will be checked and answered in a few weeks. Sorry for the delay - the reason is my family situation. First of all last November my father died of the colon cancer. It was a very rapid kind of cancer which took him just ini a few weeks. After that I had to organize the care for my mother - she has advanced stage of the Parkinson's disease. We (my, my brothers and my sister) had to organize our private time to provide 24h/day car for her.

2015 Florida QSO Party Certificate

Today I received my 2015 Florida QSO Party Certificate. I managed to sweep the 2015 FQP 1x1 special event callsigns, and in so doing earned a certificate. It was a great fun for my to take part in the event. Thanks to FQP Team!!!

9V1XE QSL Cards

Over a week ago I have sent all QSL cards for the last 9V1XE activity of the late Mirek SP5IXI/VK6DXI. Special, memorial cards were prepared and send via the bureau to all stations. I received also some directs for 9V1XE QSOs and of course all of them were confirmed also via direct.

CQWW CW 2014. EU Winner

I am very glad to inform that my entry in the CW part of the CQ WW DX Contest 2014 is the EU winning one. I operated as SO4M in the Single Operator Assisted 20 Meters High Power. The final score after the verification is 1.104.740 points(2.756 QSOs, 39 Zones, 151 DXCC). The operating time was 41.2 hours. The score was placed on the 4th place in the World.It is also the best All Time score in Poland in the SA 20M HP.


It was the next contest from the QTH of Mirek SP4MPG. It's a great pleasure for me to co-operate with this great HAM, contester and constructor and in the same time very friendly man. I am using the station and from my side I try to prepare to the contest, carefully observe propagation a few days before the contest and use Morse Runner to prepare to the contest pile-ups. There are still room for improvements but I am very glad of the final claimed score. It was Single Operator Assisted 20 Meters High Power:


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